Wet Bouldering

Set in the heart of the Mourne Mountains on the flanks of Slieve Donard, Wet Bouldering is an adventure activity for all ages that everyone must do at least once in their lifetime, our instructors still jostle for position to work on the sessions despite doing it many times in the week!

Wet Bouldering -Bouldering - Bloody Brid

Price: £30 pp (Minimum Four people)

Location: Bloody Bridge, Newcastle

Activity Length: 2.5 hours

How To Book:

To book a private session on dates that suit you - minimum of 4 people to create this type of booking click the "Book Now"  button below..

If you want to book this event but don't have the minimum group size required, then please look to the bottom of the page and click "Upcoming Events" to see what events we have available at the moment. If there are no events for your chosen activity select "Contact Us" and we can advertise an open day.

Layout of the session


You'll start your adventure in Bloody Bridge car park, where our instructors will kit you out with all the equipment you need, as well as passing on important instruction to keep everyone safe on their adventure. 

Next you'll make your way up through the river, climbing up waterfalls, going down natural rock slides, squirming through holes and jumping off of cliffs. The best bit is that almost all sections are avoidable if you're not ready for them on this time around, although we will encourage everyone to try everything on offer as pushing the comfort zone is what it's all about after all!


This activity is perfect for individuals or groups who want to have a SAFE and exhilarating adventure 

What's included:

  • Highly experienced mountain and water sport instructors to guide you safely 

  • Winter Wetsuit

  • Bouyancy Aid

  • Watersports Helmet

  • Digital picture and videos of your day out

What to bring:

  • A completed Health Declaration & Registration Form - see footer of page for link

  • Any medication you may need

  • A towel

  • A change of clothes (nice warm ones for after the session)

  • Spare shoes for the water - close toed and thick soled. No flip flops or high heels!

  • Anything else on the kit list - this will be sent at the booking stage 

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