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This February marks the start  of  the ever growing NI Science Festival, and this year we're very happy to announce that we are offering multiple events aimed at education through adventure. Check out the titles below, book your place while you can and join us on a fun filled journey packed with Geology, History, Biology and Adventure!

All of our courses are run by qualified Mountain Leaders as a minimum, each registered as FULL Members with the professional body Mountain Training Association. 


Full membership status is only given to those people who have completed a Mountain Training recognised leadership qulification and have kept up to date with their continuous professional development modules.

Whether it's with us or another company, always make sure to check the qualification and experience of the person taking you out on an adventure, as well as their insurance status. After all, you are paying people to look after your health in the outdoor environment, as well as having a good time. Qualification and insurance is a minimum standard you should expect.

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