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Mourne Mountains and Ireland wide

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Geology Rocks Adventure Tourism offers a variety of climbing courses to suit your needs. We have indoor and outdoor courses from complete beginner looking for a fun experience up to more experienced climbers who are looking to take their first steps towards independent climbing.

All of our standard courses run on a high instructor to client ratios to give a feel for "real rock climbing".

Courses starting with the title 'Groups' are more cost effective and offer a great experience for a group of friends.


This is our introductory outdoor climbing course. If you want to have an amazing rock climbing adventure in the mountains but have no prior experience, this is the course for you.

Rock Climber Powdering Hands

Tried our Rock Climbing Experience day already? Or maybe you just want to start your climbing life by learning straight away the basic skills needed to follow a more experienced friend. If this sounds like you then look here.


Been on our introduction to Rock Climbing course already? Or are you an experienced second on the road to becoming a lead climber? If so, this is the course for you.

Rock Climbing Indoors

Indoor Climbing can be a great place to start climbing, with its easy access and generally relaxed environment similar to the gym. Not sure if climbing is for you? Try our indoor climbing sessions and find out!

Climber on the route..jpg

If the cost of our individual outdoor courses is more than you'd like to pay, or if you just have a group of friends who want to climb for a short time as a taster session, then maybe our group outdoor sessions are what you're looking for!

To see these activities on programmed dates click "Upcoming Events", to create your own program on a date that suits you click "Contact Us"