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Do you feel like you've done every adventure activity on offer? Well look no further than Coasteering, put simply it's the most exciting water activity available, so keep reading!

Cliff Jump - Coasteering - Causeway Coas
Coasteering - Youth Group -

Price: £45 pp (Minimum Four people)

Location: Dunseverick or Ballintoy

Activity Length: 2.5 hours

How To Book:

  • To book a private session on dates that suit you - minimum of 4 people to create this type of booking  click the "Book Now" button below.

  • PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to book online but can't see availability on your ideal date and time, please contact us via email at OR via phone on 07707111906 - we may be able to arrange a session for you.

  • If you want to book this event but don't have the minimum group size required, then please look to the bottom of the page and click "Upcoming Events" to see what events we have available at the moment. If there are no events for your chosen activity select "Contact Us" and we can advertise an open day.

What is Coasteering?

Coasteering is moving along the coastline by any means possible, scrambling over rocks, swimming across bays, rock climbing along cliffs over the water, getting washed about in wave washed gullies and of course jumping off cliffs into the sea! If you have ever been WET BOULDERING before then you'll have had a similar experience, although we like to think of Coasteering like it's Bouldering's big brother! 


There are big jumps, small jumps, big swims, small swims, big waves and small waves, but this amazing adventure activity is ALWAYS a big experience, and one in which we can tailor the adventure level to the people in your group. If there's a section you don't fancy, most times you can simply avoid it, and likewise if there's a section you love then jump right back in! Why not get flushed down the world famous "toilet" gully or get spun around in the huge feature that is the "washing machine"? 

If there's one activity you should add to the bucket list, it's Coasteering!


Safety on session


After all that talk of adrenaline and adventure, I'm sure you're curious about safety. Well no need to worry with Geology Rocks as all of our staff that run Coasteering sessions are extremely well trained and have tonnes of experience behind them at each of the sites we use. We know every rock, every wave feature and every little nook and cranny we coasteer through. And if all of that doesn't put you at ease, there will always be an instructor to jump in first to test it out!


Activity sites

The locations along the Causeway Coast that we use are not only world class geological sites and areas of natural outstanding beauty, but they are also the filming locations used for the world famous Game Of Thrones! You will be cliff jumping and cave exploring the iron islands!

What's included:

  • Highly experienced mountain and water sport instructors to guide you safely 

  • Winter Wetsuit

  • Bouyancy Aid

  • Watersports Helmet

  • Digital picture and videos of your day out

What to bring:

  • A completed Health Declaration & Registration Form - see footer of page for link

  • Any medication you may need

  • A towel

  • A change of clothes (nice warm ones for after the session)

  • Spare shoes for the water - close toed and thick soled. No flip flops or high heels!

  • Anything else on the kit list - this will be sent at the booking stage 

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