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Begin the St. Patrick's Day celebrations in style by joining us on the water for a paddle board event on the beautiful shoreline of Warrenpoint, Carlingford Lough


St. Patricks Family Paddle (09:30 - 11:30) -  Start the day's festvities off with a splash, meeting up with other families and heading off for a fun filled journey along the shore. Our fun instructors will play loads of games with the kids (and big kids too!) and parents can either join in or take it easy, chilling out on the water while we entertain the young ones. 

Paddy's Day Paddle & Pint (12:30 - 14:30) - The second session of the day follows a similar theme to the mornng session, however this one is for Adults Only! The same session on the water, only this time followed by a "session" off the water too! After your SUP session exploring the coastline of Carlingford Lough, we'll take you over to a local bar where we can soak up  some live traditional music and soak up up the atmosphere of St. Patrick's Day celebrations, maybe even with a wee pint of the black stuff?? *

* One pint / drink is included with the price, the rest is on you guys!

Location: Warrenpoint, Slipway Near the Harbour, BT34 3LZ

Suitable For: Families (kids 8+)  / Adults only for the afternoon session 

Duration:  2  to 2.5 hours 

St. Patrick's Day Paddle

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