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Special forces survival

At Geology Rocks Adventure, we absolutely love bushcraft! So much so that we've designed a full activity based all around surviving in the woods!

And in this activity laid out below, we've even included an added extra hour onto our standard 1.5 hour long kids birthday party! In this extended 2.5 hour survival session your young adventurers  will learn how to prepare tasty food fresh in the forest!


And although we definitely feel our 1.5 hour survival party is still awesome, on this longer session your young adventurers will learn how to gut and prepare fresh fish for cooking on the fire, as well as how to prepare fresh Irish soda bread in nature - and then of course they'll get to eat all the tasty things they cook!

Shelter Building - Survival - Bushcraft

Price: £20/ £30 pp

Locations: Kilbroney Park (or suitable forest location near you)

Activity Length: 1.5 hours / 2.5 hours

How To Book:

To book a private session on dates that suit you click the "Book Now"  button below.

There is a minimum of 4 people needed for the 2.5 hour session - PLEASE DON'T BOOK FOR LESS THAN OR ACTIVITIES WON'T RUN


There is a minimum of 8 people needed for the 1.5 hour session - PLEASE DON'T BOOK FOR LESS THAN OR ACTIVITIES WON'T RUN 

If you want to book this event but don't have the minimum group size required, then please look to the bottom of the page and click "Upcoming Events" to see what events we have available at the moment. If there are no events for your chosen activity select "Contact Us" and we can advertise an open day.

We start the activity by teaching your little special forces cadets all the essential survival techniques needed to survive in the great outdoors, with only the items that happen to be lying around to support them. After a spending time showing them how to survive, we get stuck into our Special Forces Survival Scenario!

The scenario involves a Special Forces unit (your young party goers) who's plane has crashed behind enemy lines. They have to survive the session time evading the enemy soldiers (our instructors) until their back up comes to rescue them - thats the parents at the end of the session!

The session involves:

  • Building a shelter to protect you against the elements

  • Sourcing food that may be scattered around the area

  • Finding ways to create some heat (supervised of course)

  • Cooking their food on the campfire!

  • Evading the enemy soldier who will issue punishments if caught (10 star jumps or press ups every time we catch them standing up while we patrol!)

This session is absolutely great craic, and although it's usually for kids aged 8 and upwards, we regularly run this activity for adults too - with some additional challenges added for the big kids!


What to bring:

  • Lots of light layers to be removed or added as necessary

  • Waterproof jacket

  • Hat and gloves

  • Good thick soled shoes 

  • SPARE CLOTHES in a rucksack 

  • Any medication needed

PLEASE NOTE: All these items may get very dirty so please don't bring new kit!

Fish gutting - survival - bushcraft - Mo
Campfire - fire lighting - Bushcraft - M
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