Navigation Courses

Learning at least the basics of navigation as well as the associated "hill skills" are an absolutely ESSENTIAL part of your mountain tool kit in order to remain safe and self sufficient in the mountains. 

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Introduction to Navigation Course

Advanced Navigation Course

Night Navigation Course


Price: £55 pp (£35 pp for night nav)

Location: Mournes (other locations available)

Activity Length: Full day (7 hours)

How To Book:

PRIVATE SESSIONS: To book a private session on dates that suit you - minimum of 4 people to create such as booking (with the exception of Night Navigation which has no minimum number) click the "Book Now"  button below..

OPEN EVENTS: If you want to book this event but don't have the minimum group size required, then please look to the bottom of the page and see our  "Upcoming Hill Walking Events" to see what events we have available at the moment. If there are no events for your chosen activity select "Contact Us" and we can advertise an open day.