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Two days in the wild! Hike across the Mournes completing team tasks, then camp wild that night  under the stars (optional bunkhouse accommdation). Day two is an EXHILARATING water adventure before heading home. This weekend is IMMERSIVE, CHALLENGING and guaranteed to create MEMORIES FOR LIFE

Grab a few friends for a team and meet us in the Mournes for a two day challenge that will test your brains, braun, bravery and team work skills. This is a proper two day survival challenge, outdoors for 30 hours straight in the Mournes, sleeping in shelters made by you, and completing tasks along a tough hiking route. What's included:

  • 2 day survival challenge

  • Hike across the Mournes completing tasks for your team (prizes for the winners!)

  • Hike, Wild Camp (optional bunkhouse stay), Evening Star Talk, Rock Climb, Abseil, Wet Bouldering, Archery

  • The option to camp under the stars in a shelters built by YOU!

  • Outdoor food cooked for you (evening meal and breakfast next day)

Location:  Meelmore Lodge, 52 Trassey Road, Brysanford, Newcastle, BT33 0QB
When: 24th & 25th June, 08:00 Saturday- 13:00 Sunday
Suitable For: Adults / Teens aged 16+ accompanied by an adult

Duration: 30 hours

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