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Tug of War
Support Group

Price: based on group size and location used - see our corporate pricing list

Locations: Various locations across Mourne & the Causeway Coast 

Course Length: One Day

This is the classic team building day, designed to challenge your team to take a look at themselves and at their team mates, highlighting strengths and weaknesses across the team, and seeing ways to improve and bond more as a single unit. 


Are you a coordinator or a shaper? An implementer or evaluator?  Our team dynamics challenges are designed to help answer these questions about you and your team, showing you your strengths and the allowable weaknesses associated with them. 


A typical day looks like this:


  • Arrive at location, tea / coffee and biscuits

  • Meet our team and brief for the day

  • Introduction to the Belbin Team Role Theory

  • Self perception test

  • Icebreaker challenges 

  • Team Dynamics Challenges with analysis throughout 

  • Lunch

  • Further team dynamics challenges 

  • Belbin questionnaire and results

  • Final debrief and farewell


A single day event, this can be delivered anywhere with some space, indoors, outdoors, at your office, a hotel or a public park. We are mobile to accommodate your needs and we can bring our pop up outdoor classroom to a given site if needed.


If you want us to select a location for you we have plenty of connections in your area too. 


Adventure level - 2/5

To hear more about our Classic Team Building Challenge or our other activities, fill in the booking enquiry form below

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