a giant causeway adventure

Take a giant step into the great outdoors and take part in our Giant Causeway Adventure Day! 

Rock Climbing - Causeway Coast - Norther
Cliff Jump - Coasteering - Causeway Coas

Price: £60 (or £70pp with a hot lunch 

Location: The Giant's Causeway, Antrim

Activity Length: Full day (7 hours)

How To Book:

To book a private session on dates that suit you - minimum of 4 people to create this type of booking click the "Book Now"  button below..

If you want to book this event but don't have the minimum group size required, then please look to the bottom of the page and click "Upcoming Events" to see what events we have available at the moment. If there are no events for your chosen activity select "Contact Us" and we can advertise an open day.

This exciting adventure on the rugged Causeway Coast is guaranteed to get your blood pumping! We'll start your day with an adrenaline packed Rock Climbing & Abseiling session on coastal cliff faces near the Giant's Causeway, followed by a good old dunking into the waves after lunch for the most exciting adventure activity on offer - Coasteering!

Rock Climbing & Abseiling

Clip onto the rope and make your way up the vertical rock faces that watch over the ocean, with waves crashing nearby for added atmosphere. Our instructors will guide you up the cliff sometimes on edges just big enough to get a toe onto! Don't worry though, we have you covered with highly experienced climbing instructors, helmets, harnesses, well set up ropes and climbing shoes to get to grips with those little edges that otherwise you can't stay on.

Once you're at the top, we'll rig an extra rope for you and coupled with an attached safety rope controlled by our team, we'll show you how to descend back to the ground with you in the driver's seat! Total buzz, yet totally safe.



After our morning buzz, we'll treat you to a tasty hot lunch from a popular nearby restaurant to get us all warmed up and fuelled up before heading out for the afternoon session. Please note that  can be included for an additional £10pp - select the correct ticket at the checkout for this optional extra, otherwise make sure you bring your own and plenty of it!


Well, what can we say about coasteering, only that it's the absolute number must do activity in the water! Climb cliff faces above the sea, swim through caves, get swirled about in wave washed coves and then jump off cliff tops into the water again! An absolutely exhilarating activity, it's so good our instructors fight to get onto these sessions time after time!

What's included:


  • All technical equipment - harness, climbing shoes, helmet, wetsuit, bouyancy aid, water helmet

  • Experienced and qualified instructors with years of experience

  • High quality digital pictures and videos for you to look back on

  • Hot lunch and drink (optional extra)

  • Loads of fun and memories for life!

What  to bring:

A detailed kit list will follow booking but includes simple things like medication, warm clothing, spare items for the water activity and lunch if not paid for as an extra