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Mourne Mountains and Ireland wide

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Our Earth Science courses are varied and are individually designed to meet your needs, but below are some sample courses to give you ideas.

All prices and course details will be unique so please contact us for your tailored program.


Local Geology Tours vary from big hikes in the mountains to gentle strolls along the shore, all with a view of delving deep into our land's ancient origins. Do you want to know how the majestic Mourne Mountains formed through magma seeping under groudn and above millions of years ago?

Are you interested in the more modern glaciation of the Northern Hemisphere merely thousands of years ago?

Or are you interested in modern topics such as climate change and how humanity has affected such dramatic changes since the industrial revolution began less than 200 years ago?

Contact us for a bespoke learning experience today


Are you interested in scientific technique and discovering things for yourself about Earth processes?

Come learn how measure dip and strike of geological units, draw cross sectional geological maps, identify different rock types in the field but to name a few. 

If there's something you want to learn, give us a bell and we'll see what we can help you with!